Around the world

Today four students shared international experiences they've had this summer.

Between them they've visited Chenai, India, San Luis and La Paz, Bolivia, the two cities I visited on my first Compassion trip, and the last students taught choreodrama in Kibera, Kenya, and Ghana. Choreodrama uses movement and minimal dialogue set to music. It's one of the techniques that got me started in theatre as a high schooler. The Africans created a scene which encorporated one of their common phrases: a single piece of straw is weak, but tied together in a broom there is great strength. They used this idea to illustrate how God gave each person a piece of straw, but they went their own way until Christ brought them together in his Body.

It's so exciting to see these young people getting out there, seeing the world and doing ministry. The trips I took in high school to Mexico and then to Korea, Hong Kong, and China, had so much to do with what I'm doing now. I can't wait to see how God uses these young people over the years.

One of the students asked people to stand if they wanted to use drama overseas. A good third of them (over 30) stood! Maybe some of them will become ethnodramatologists like my friend Julisa Rowe (

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