Holy unto the Lord

Our friend, John Kasica, preached on holiness this morning. He shared how, nine months ago, the Lord called him to walk in holiness and share the message at MasterWorks. Today that message was born, powerfully. He pointed out the pattern of confession that has been boldly shared in faculty devotions. World class artists have been sharing how God has delivered them from pornography, drugs, homosexuality and other addictions. John shared this morning how, for three months (the first trimester), he had daily communion after examining himself and confessing sin. At the end of the message he invited people forward for a MasterWorks first: campus-wide communion. Our festival pastor, John Langlois, told how we come from many liturgical backgrounds, and though we didn't have a priest to bless the Eucharist, all were welcome to commune with the Lord and with each other. After that, many students came forward for prayer, some at very deep levels. May the Lord be praised! Can't wait to see what He does in our final week.

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