Jim Hudson Taylor follow-up

In February I performed Beyond the Chariots in Hong Kong. After the performance several of us were kicking ourselves that Jim Taylor didn't say something about his experience in the concentration camp with Eric Liddell as a boy. We wished we could have used his talk to drive the message of the play home and make the impact deeper on the mostly-teen audience. When Dr. Taylor's sister, Mary Previte, did this after one of my Off-Broadway performances the impact was profound!

I just got the following note from Dr. Taylor:
I was finally able to follow up your performance at Hong Kong Mandarin Bible Church with a personal account of what Eric Liddell meant to us kids in the Weihsien concentration camp. It was amazing to see the quiet attentiveness of the young people. Thanks again for being with us.

May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

Your brother in His service,

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