Eric Liddell's morning devotions

In Pittsburg I was thrilled to have an audience member request a copy of the prayer I led people to pray after Beyond the Chariots if they wanted to invite the Lord into their lives. I sent him to the link on the right side of called "My Passion" after telling the person the words aren't as important as the state of his heart.

Then, in my morning prayers I came upon Eric Liddell's daily prayer, which I've incorporated into my own. He shared it in Manual of Christian Discipleship, a guidebook for Chinese pastors. I'm going to email it to my new friend, but I thought I'd share it with you here:

1. Have I surrendered this new day to God, and will I seek and obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout its hours?

2. What have I specially to thank God for this morning?

3. Is there any sin in my life for which I should seek Christ's forgiveness and cleansing? Is there any apology or restitution to make?

4. For whom does God want me to pray this morning?

5. What bearing does this morning's Bible passage have on my life, and what does He want to do about it?

6. What does God want me to do today and how does He want me to do it?

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