Can I go to China with you?

I've been performing and teaching in Pittsburgh in what has been a very exciting week! I got to present in two public schools, for the Acting Up Club (a delightful kids group led by some gals that came to NYC to see BTC Off-Bway...oh, and one of their sons, who preaches on our district.), this morning I spoke at a men's breakfast (the night before I was so exhausted I asked someone if they'd be serving food at's...breakfast), tomorrow I'll do a performance in the Sunday service, but the main event has been Beyond the Chariots (BTC) four nights in a row at a dessert theatre.

I really hope more churches use this model to bring my plays to their community. There have been many wonderful things that have come from doing it this way, not the least of which has been the number of visitors that we've seen, at least two of which indicated that they asked the Lord into their lives for the first time.

Another highlight was when a wee 7-year old lass came literally running up to me as soon as I was done, looked almost straight up into my face and begged, "Can I come with you to China?" I had just told them how I hope to perform BTC in Beijing during the '08 Olympics, and I was glad to tell her volunteers are welcome. Follow this blog as more details develop.

I believe there are still a few tickets left for closing night. If you're near Pittsburgh visit for details.


Rich Swingle said...

Two more asked the Lord into their lives for the first time on closing night, and we had several indicate that they rededicated their lives to the Lord.

Irene said...

7 yr-old... so cute!!! :D