Bob Hoover

While my brother and I were at the new Air and Space Museum (see posting from earlier this week) our tour guide ended by telling about this plane, flown by Bob Hoover, who would have been the first man to break the sound barrier if Chuck Yeager had fessed up to his injury. The guide said Hoover would take prospective buyers of the plane up, pour ice tea into a cup while rolling the plane without spilling a drop. Then he'd tell them they should buy the plane because IT handled so well.

When we told the guide our dad had flown in air shows with Hoover he gave my brother and I an extended tour.

When Dad saw the picture of Hoover's plane he wrote the following:

I was lucky enough to watch Hoover fly this plane several times. He was amazing, sometimes with one engine feathered and even both engines shut down he would do very low level aerobatics and at the last minute start the engines or even land and roll up to the crowd with the engines feathered. His energy management was unbelievable. I'd heard the stories of not spilling a cup while rolling. I watched him shut off both engines at several thousand feet, then make several passes rolling the plane and doing hammerhead turns at each end of the runway, then when you can't see how he can go any farther he landed on one wheel, turned off the runway, came up the taxiway across the ramp up to a line in front of the crowd and stopped. All this without restarting his engines. It was VERY impressive. Did you know he was flying chase in a P-80 when Yeager broke the sound barrier?

Enacted Prayer Resources

Last August I introduced Enacted Prayer to the Territorial School of Music and Gospel Arts (Click here for the report). Now they're gearing up for a meeting and are planning to use it! They've requested resources, so I've posted a couple of articles Jeff Barker, the creator of Enacted Prayer, gave me permission to share:

Enacted Prayer by Jeff Barker
Enacted Prayer Workshop by Heidi Friesen (student of Jeff Barker)

Now Jeff has written a book that has a chapter on enacted prayer and an appendix with some coaching for enactors: The Storytelling Church: Adventures in Reclaiming the Role of Story in Worship.

Immigrants Hear God's Word, In Chinese, by Conference Call

I've had a heart for reaching Chinese people since I ran a race in Guangzhou or Canton, China, in high school. This New York Times article was SO encouraging to me: Immigrants Hear God's Word, In Chinese, by Conference Call. You can read it all for free until (I believe) Sunday.

Having started a conference call prayer group of my own, I'm thrilled to see others utilyzing technology for good purposes.

Jim Hudson Taylor follow-up

In February I performed Beyond the Chariots in Hong Kong. After the performance several of us were kicking ourselves that Jim Taylor didn't say something about his experience in the concentration camp with Eric Liddell as a boy. We wished we could have used his talk to drive the message of the play home and make the impact deeper on the mostly-teen audience. When Dr. Taylor's sister, Mary Previte, did this after one of my Off-Broadway performances the impact was profound!

I just got the following note from Dr. Taylor:
I was finally able to follow up your performance at Hong Kong Mandarin Bible Church with a personal account of what Eric Liddell meant to us kids in the Weihsien concentration camp. It was amazing to see the quiet attentiveness of the young people. Thanks again for being with us.

May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

Your brother in His service,

Taking flight

Last year my brother, Bob, and his wife, Shannon, came to NYC for a book fair (see May 05 in Archives). This year the fair was held in Washington, DC, so I arranged some performances in the area (including one at my nephew, Charlie's school. He's Joyce's sister Amy's son.)

Bob and I were able to get out to the Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Center, the new annex to the National Air & Space Museum. We took a tour, and the guide's last story was about Bob Hoover. After the crowd dispersed we told him our dad used to fly in air show's with Bob Hoover. He gave us an extra tour and showed us some planes that are the only examples of their kind in existance: pretty cool.

June 3

My friend, Chuck Neighbors, is coming to NYC.

He's offering an acting workshop and performing his one-man play, In His Steps at Theatre 315, where Roger and I had our Fire Off-Broadway run. On June 3.

Also on that date, at 7pm, our church, Westchester Chapel will be offering an arts night. I'll be performing "The Move", which was published in Handbook for Multi-Sensory Worship. There will also be dance, music, and Jim Warren, our pastor (and former creative director for MTV) will create a work of art as you watch.

Proceeds will go toward helping us move into a new building and create an art center there.

Eric Liddell's morning devotions

In Pittsburg I was thrilled to have an audience member request a copy of the prayer I led people to pray after Beyond the Chariots if they wanted to invite the Lord into their lives. I sent him to the link on the right side of called "My Passion" after telling the person the words aren't as important as the state of his heart.

Then, in my morning prayers I came upon Eric Liddell's daily prayer, which I've incorporated into my own. He shared it in Manual of Christian Discipleship, a guidebook for Chinese pastors. I'm going to email it to my new friend, but I thought I'd share it with you here:

1. Have I surrendered this new day to God, and will I seek and obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout its hours?

2. What have I specially to thank God for this morning?

3. Is there any sin in my life for which I should seek Christ's forgiveness and cleansing? Is there any apology or restitution to make?

4. For whom does God want me to pray this morning?

5. What bearing does this morning's Bible passage have on my life, and what does He want to do about it?

6. What does God want me to do today and how does He want me to do it?

Can I go to China with you?

I've been performing and teaching in Pittsburgh in what has been a very exciting week! I got to present in two public schools, for the Acting Up Club (a delightful kids group led by some gals that came to NYC to see BTC Off-Bway...oh, and one of their sons, who preaches on our district.), this morning I spoke at a men's breakfast (the night before I was so exhausted I asked someone if they'd be serving food at's...breakfast), tomorrow I'll do a performance in the Sunday service, but the main event has been Beyond the Chariots (BTC) four nights in a row at a dessert theatre.

I really hope more churches use this model to bring my plays to their community. There have been many wonderful things that have come from doing it this way, not the least of which has been the number of visitors that we've seen, at least two of which indicated that they asked the Lord into their lives for the first time.

Another highlight was when a wee 7-year old lass came literally running up to me as soon as I was done, looked almost straight up into my face and begged, "Can I come with you to China?" I had just told them how I hope to perform BTC in Beijing during the '08 Olympics, and I was glad to tell her volunteers are welcome. Follow this blog as more details develop.

I believe there are still a few tickets left for closing night. If you're near Pittsburgh visit for details.

Eric Liddell and John Wesley

Roger and I had a great Off-Broadway run. I'll post a more detailed report soon.

Extreme Makeover

Our pastoral team had our small group meeting right down the street from an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition project. Paulie, one of the designers, took a moment with our pastors' kids: (left to right) Jesse, Anna and Rebekah.

Tony Campolo's Compassion video

I just stumbled upon a video of Tony Campolo with his newest Compassion sponsor child. I watched the video being filmed on my trip to Honduras. Click here to see the video.

Who needs a chair lift?

Friends of my parents took this picture of them flying over Mt. Ashland in Southern Oregon. I grew up skiing there, but I never saw it from this angle!

To get the full effect you have to click on the picture or here.