See Splinter

The cast of Splinter asked Max McLean and I to give them feedback. They were great. They were tight and passionate, and I told them to each count it as a successful audition to MasterWorks (

Tonight is sold out, but there may be tickets left for closing night tomorrow, and they're free with a donation.

Program inserts now online

The program inserts for our Off-Broadway run are now online.  Dr. Jim H Taylor, III, graciously penned these as "a labor of love."  Go to  In the left column scroll to the bottom.  His foreword to the Chinese translation of Eric Liddell: Pure Gold is also well worth reading, and it is just above Beyond the Chariots in the left column.

Dr. Taylor's sister, Mary Previte, who spoke quite eloquently after my performance last Saturday also has a page on this site:  

People who were there the day she spoke are quick to bring up how much they appreciated her words.  She told of her recollections from the concentration camp mentioned in the play: it's horrors but also the great things they learned from their teachers there, including Eric Liddell.  Most touching to me, was her story of Stephen Metcalf.  

Stephen was a favorite runner of "Uncle Eric's," who appointed Stephen as a helper.  Ms. Previte told how Eric taught all the students to love the Japanese, even as Christ taught his disciples to love their enemies.  Stephen grew up to be a missionary to the Japanese.  His speech at the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the camp is well worth the time: World Peace and Eric Liddell (after clicking, scroll down the left column to find his name).

Front Page news

Phil Snyder, who did the horse whinny (on MP3) for Roger's play during our Off-Broadway run, just made the front page of the Los Angeles Daily News: "The Man of a Million Voices."  It was his wife, Karen, that developed the artwork for our run, and she's also mentioned in the article.  It's great to see believing artists featured this way!

Splinter this weekend

Joyce and I are looking forward to seeing the next play at Theatre 315: Splinter (for tickets click here)I've heard great things about it.  Here's a note from the creator, Christian Gonzalez:

We performed it at 315 last year and this year have presented it 6 times at Valley Forge, Penn State and several churches performing for a total of more than 4,500 people and the responses of audiences to the pressence of God have been overwhelming.

One man said: "I felt such an incredible presence of God. I was
overcome. I've never seen anything like this before." 

A musician from the NY Philharmonic responded: "It was like a
piece performed by the Philharmonic! It takes your breath away!" 

A college athlete explained: "I don't cry very often, but I was
overwhelmed with tears and joy. This is something everyone must

A woman wept: "These young men  women shame me with their love
for God  their discipline for excellence. This combination of
professional excellence  passion for Christ is profound. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you."

Also, many people have been saved, including 6 men at a detention center we presented for. One of the inmates said: "The whole time you were speaking I was shaking I can't explain it."

Jimmy Sites Newspaper Coverage

Jimmy Sites, who will be one of our Master Class Instructors at MasterWorks just sent the following encouraging note:

Begin forwarded message:

Last week was a good week for the ministry of Spiritual Outdoor Adventures. We were covered by the press in newspapers in Toronto, Louisville, Birnmingham, and Tennessee. If you are interested in reading any of the articles, they are posted below.




The Star


Only four shows left in our Off-Broadway run, Fire Off-Broadway.

On Saturday Mary Previte will be speaking after Beyond the Chariots. A former assembly woman for the State of New Jersey, she's the great-granddaughter of Hudson Taylor, and she was with Eric Liddell in the concentration camp featured in the play.

Be sure to tell people in your church this Sunday that Eric Liddell's middle daughter Heather will be speaking after the performance that evening. If you get seven people to come with you your ticket is free:

Thanks for all your prayers. The run is going very well.

In Christ alone,

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Comments on The Man from Aldersgate

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Off the blocks

Christi-An Bennett and her family joined our church for Easter. Before they moved away she and her husband Stephen were both on the preaching line-up. One Sunday she used Eric Liddell's story as an illustration for her sermon and I was reminded that the '04 Olympics were coming up and I should get going on my 1-man play about him.

Thanks Christi-An!

Happy Easter everyone!

Roger opens The Man from Aldersgate tomorrow night:


There are two one-man plays about Church heroes playing Off-Broadway from April 17-23. Relive the incredible adventures of 1924 Olympic Gold medal winner Eric Liddell in war-torn China. Rich Swingle's new one-man play Beyond the Chariots picks up where Chariots of Fire left off. Behold Liddell's greatest race: as a missionary who conquers persecution and succeeds by turning his greatest enemy into a "Powerful Runner Who Overcomes Great Obstacles." At different times, experience the widely acclaimed performance of the life and times of John Wesley, the man who rode more than 250,000 miles to bring spiritual renewal to England and America! The Man from Aldersgate brings to life John Wesley and his dynamic ministry. In John Wesley's own words you will gain new insights into the importance of prayer, and how personal failure can teach us to trust Christ. The play has been performed over 1,300 times in 32 countries and all 50 states! 

Well lit

David Lander, our award-winning Broadway lighting designer, went through Beyond the Chariots scene by scene today. His ideas are incredible! If you've already seen the play it will be worth the price of admission just to see how David's lighting it!


I'm getting ready to perform here in Winona Lake, and I felt myself relax about who shows up. We've been so focused about filling seats Off-Broadway so that we'll break even that it's nice to just show up and perform for who ever attends. Then it occurred to me that I should ALWAYS want as many as possible to hear the marvelous story of how God used Eric Liddell. So, draw them in, Lord!

Interview on WPEL

Roger and I did an interview on WPEL, 96.5 FM, which will air Tuesday, April 11 at 4:05 pm. The station is in Montclair, PA, in the northeast corner, and they also have translators in Binghamton, Endicott, and Sayre. Their website is If you're in the area I hope you can tune in.


Rich Swingle
@ the Helen Hayes Theatre
240 W 44th St
New York, NY 10036

Winging my way to Winona Lake

I'm en route to Winona Lake, home of the MasterWorks Festival. It doesn't start until June, but they host a Second Sunday series to keep Winona Lakers entertained throughout the year. Tomorrow I'll be performing Beyond the Chariots.

On the leg to Detroit I sat next to a former runner who, like I, watched Chariots of Fire before big meets.

I'm praying that the most inspirational part (I think) of Eric Liddell's life will draw many closer to the Source of Eric's strength.

Consider inviting someone who needs to be emPowered:

The "Gospel of Judas" put into perspective

The New York Times article on the 'Gospel of Judas' is their most emailed article today. Be sure to check out this balanced piece from Christianity Today: The Judas We Never Knew.

Max McLean Fire

Max McLean is performing his one-man play, The Screwtape Letters in the Salvation Army's Theatre 315, where we'll be doing our run. He graciously recorded a radio spot, which is now playing on WAWZ. Listen for it!

Rich Acts Out

Retta Blaney's article just ran in the National Catholic Reporter: "Rich Swingle acts out his ministry." If it's no longer on the front page of their website: click here.

Do you have some marijuana?

Roger Nelson, who's performing in our Off-Broadway run in a couple of weeks, walked into a drug store the other night to pick up some milk. A young man approached him and asked, "Do you have some marijuana?" Roger said, "No, but I have something better." Within a half an hour Roger led this young man in a prayer to receive the Lord as his personal Savior! He told Roger that he was on his way into the drug store to get enough medication to overdose. Pray that he calls Roger back after he returns from NYC.