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Olympic Champion Heading Your Way!

[Venue] will host New York film and stage actor Rich Swingle in his performance of Beyond the Chariots on [date].

Critically acclaimed actor Rich Swingle’s play takes up where the Oscar-winning (four, including Best Picture, 1981) movie, Chariots of Fire, leaves off. In dramatic style, he chronicles the incredible adventures of 1924 Olympic Gold medal runner Eric Liddell in war-torn China. Swingle performed the play in Hong Kong, where Dr. James Hudson Taylor, III, saw it. As a boy Taylor was with Liddell in the Japanese concentration camp featured in the play. Taylor called the performance, "authentic, moving, thought provoking!"

Swingle has also performed the play Off-Broadway, in LA, Toronto (for Liddell's family), Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, during the Olympics in Beijing, Vancouver, London, and during the Youth Olympics in Singapore.

Don't miss it now that it's coming to you!

Beyond the Chariots will appear on [date and time].

For more information [website or contact info].
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