A most fortuitous step

I just got to perform The Acts for the Salvation Army's Candidates Seminar. What a priviledge to bring the story of God's power to these future officers (pastors).

I performed Big Fish Little Worm at this gathering three years ago, shortly after attending a Compassion artists' retreat at Michael W. Smith's ranch. While I was at the retreat I first met Jimmy Sites. Then, at the Salvation Army event of '03, I saw Jimmy's card on the step which is in the picture. I picked it up, thinking I'd dropped it, but when I returned to my office, there it was on my desk.

Last year in Honduras I ran into Jimmy again at another Compassion artists' retreat. I told him about the double card and that it was a clue to me that God might have something for us to do together. I mentioned MasterWorks to him, and he was sold on the idea of training young artists from a Christian perspective. He'll be one of our master class instructors this June!

Then, one morning he called me en route to record his radio show. He said he'd be interviewing John Kirby, the acting coach for Jim Caviezel and Narnia (among a host of others). Jimmy wanted to know if I'd like to also have John as a master class instructor at MasterWorks. John saw the vision, and he's in as well!

More on John when I get back from my trip around the world.

I'm on the runway now, and I didn't bring his bio, so I won't be able to type it in until I return from this Northern Hemisphere triangulation: NYC-Chattanooga-Medford, OR (my home town)-Hong Kong-NYC.

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