Eric Liddell's daughter to attend!

I just got off the phone with Eric Liddell's middle daughter, Heather. She's coming to NYC to see my play about her father on closing night, April 23. If you haven't ordered your tickets yet, you may want to get them for that night: Order Now.

Here are some other performances to consider:

Beyond the Chariots
Wednesday, April 19, at 8pm or Saturday, April 22, at 2pm


The Man from Aldersgate
Wednesday, April 19, at 2pm or Saturday, April 22, at 8pm

Those are the performances for which the Salvation Army will be recording our shows, and we'd love some friendly folks there.* When they're ready, I'll make them available through this blog.

I've already appologized to some of you for sending over 50 versions of the same email a bit over a week ago! I posted to the blog and left the office. By the time I got home all our inboxes were flooded. It seems to have been a fluke, but rest assurred from here on out I'll be monitoring my own inbox before leaving an internet connection. I'm glad you've chosen to stay subscribed! I appreciate your prayers and support more than I can ever express.

As a thank you I'd like to offer a free ticket to Beyond the Chariots Off-Broadway to the first person to post a comment below the other picture of this moose I posted to this blog. Leave your name, date and time of the performance you'd like to see, and your ticket will be waiting for you.


Rich Swingle said...

Regarding the filming of the shows: We won't film a recognizable image of you without your permission.

JAS said...

Hi, Rich and Joyce,
I enjoy getting your updates and pray for you often -- at least every time I get an update!
I would love to see Beyond the Chariots on April 22 at 2 PM. I will order another ticket for my Rich.

Rich Swingle said...

Thanks so much for your prayers!

You actually found the second moose photo. The first one, and (alas) the free ticket were found by Tim Kong. Here's the original moose: click here.

Fret not, there are two other ways to get free tickets:

1) We'd love to have you help out by ushering and/or covering our Compassion table. Contact Amy Brenna via Email or Phone: (212) 387-8536.

2) Organize a group of 12 or more. They'll all get a discount also. If you'd like to do this, please email your address.