End of the Spear and Beyond the Gates of Splendor

We're on our way back from The End of the Spear. Incredible. Twenty-four from our church experienced this powerful film. Everyone I spoke with was glad to have seen it. Cast your vote to expand to more markets by seeing it this weekend.

Eric Liddell's middle daughter, Heather, just called to let me know she wants to come down to see my play about her dad: FireOffBroadway.com.

Speaking of missionaries who died in action, tonight our church is going to screen Beyond the Gates of Splendor, a documentary about the five missionaries who were killed fifty years ago this month in Ecuador by the Waodani, the most violent society ever studied by anthropologists. Joyce and I have already experienced this powerful work. The Waorani were asked permission to do the documentary and The End of the Spear, the feature length film about the same story. They first refused, but when the son of Nate Saint (one of the missionaries who was killed) told them that telling the story would help our society live peacefully, they put everything behind the telling of the story that they could.

Nate Saint, coincidentally, was the pilot of the group, and he inspired my dad (who's still flying) with one of his acrobatic techniques.

Next weekend The End of the Spear opens in theatres across the nation. On Friday, January 20, our church is going as a group to see it. Details to follow.

Wherever you are, I hope you can encourage this kind of faith and grace-filled film by turning out in large groups on their opening weekend, on which every show's future distribution and marketing is based.
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