Happy New Year!

Joyce and I watched the ball drop from atop The Lamb's Church/ Theatre, where I was on staff and lived the first four years I was in NYC. The first year I actually went out on Times Square, packed with thousands of other sardines for hours in 20 degree temps. After all that I watched the count down on the building below the ball, thinking the ball would start to drop at zero. I was mortified to discover that the ball started to drop on 10, so I didn't see a bit of it's descent.

This year we played games until 11:55, then we went up to the roof, down went the ball, up went the fireworks, down came the confetti.

In 2005 I was blessed to bring about 180 performances or workshops to 17 states, Honduras, Israel, and Canada. Plus I got to just hang out in Nice, France. Thank you for all your prayers, and thank You, Lord, for all the planted seeds. May You water them and allow many to grow closer to You in 2006.
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