Light to the Nations

Pray for the whole world in five and a half minutes

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Anonymous said...

Very cool!

James said...

Rich & Joyce,

A blessed New Year! Thanks for this, it's a neat way to pray for the world.

Rich Swingle said...

I just found out that, in the thank you's at the end of the prayer, I misspelled Dhonno bad, which is "thank you" in Bangla (also known as Bengali), one of the official languages of Bangladesh.

I imagine there are other misspellings, since I took them from my collection of sayings in other languages rather than from dictionaries of those languages.

So, if you know of other misspellings please let me know. Eventually I'll clean them up, but I probably won't be able to make the time until after our Off-Broadway production.

Rich Swingle said...

Fleur Hodge is the one singing the names of the countries.