Praise God for closed doors!

I was going to perform Beyond the Chariots ( tonight, but as we got close to finalizing, the pastor who was arranging my performance discovered that another pastor had already contracted with a band to perform that night.

So I was blessed with a marvelous dinner with Dan and Lydia (see below), and then by Rodney and Katherine! The light of the pool was turned off by the time I got to my room, but it's down there in one of the dark spots in this photo. I went there to relax in the jacuzzi and ended up having a marvelous divine appointment with this pastor and his wife on a second honeymoon here in Cancun...well that's where they would have been if it hadn't been hit by a hurricane. They redirected to this tropical paradise (actually the Lord blessed them with 79 degrees when they got off the plane) so they could visit The International House of Prayer (

Where ever, when ever you're reading this, someone is praying there.

Please join me in praying that God will use the IHOP to inspire Rodney and Katherine to the next level of their ministry.

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