Greetings from Boston Harbor

Some of the fall foliage on the way up here was breathtaking! I know from having lived here for a year and a half we're certified Leaf Peepers.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I know where that is!

Anonymous said...

btw, that was from Brandon.

Irene said...

Leaf Peepers...??

Uncle Rich in Boston!
You know who you should meet up with, don't you :)

Rich Swingle said...

Leaf Peepers is the name the locals give to people who come to the area just to look at the fall foliage. Since we were there on business I guess we weren't official peepers.

Brandon, we were just there for a few hours and then went back. Hope you're enjoying Bean Town!

Irene said...

Thanks uncle Rich.
I see - Leaf Peepers and Bean Town... All these Bostanian linguo! :)