Good job.

Tony Campolo is pictured here as he addresses the Men's Retreat for my church's district (Church of the Nazarene). Dr. Campolo's been something of a hero of mine since college, when some of his books were required reading for my sociology degree. My sociology mentor, Mike Allen, quoted Campolo often.

So it was an honor to perform an excerpt from my latest play, Beyond the Chariots, before he spoke yesterday morning. And I was thrilled to hear him say, "Good job."

You can order Dr. Campolo's four talks for $15. Make it out to Valley Community Church and send it to:

Mike Saloomey
50 Gretna Hill Rd
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

Make sure to include a return address. Expect a couple of weeks for processing and handling.

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Rich Swingle said...

Tony Campolo and Mike Saloomey have both been on my blog in the past:

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