Spilling Over

Here are the marvelous students I was able to work with last week. Please pray for them as they carry the fire back to their communities.

I was so glad I got up early yesterday to share what had happened through the week. Our song leader, Dom Crincoli, ended up adding a couple of songs that weren't in the line up so we could bask in the Spirit a bit more. I recognized it as a direct answer to one of our enacted prayers: I stood in as a father and leader of youth. The girl playing this man's daughter danced before us to explain how the Spirit had moved during the week. I was rigid and unaccepting until God, played by one of my drama students, grabbed my head and looked deep into my eyes. Then I joined in the dance and invited the youth to join us. I told our congregation this prayer was answered through us (at least). I mentioned Graeme Press' analogy. Our church was in the slow dance, gazing into the eyes of our Lover. It was awesome.

The students are (top row, l-r) Les, Mike "Gobo", Andrew, Trudy, Jenna, Jess, Tommy; (middle row) Esther, Jenn, Mike, Matt; (bottom row) Kat, Janelle, Alex.


Constance said...

Today I have a special place in my heart for these drama students. Early in the week, with their first lessons about enacted prayer fresh in their minds, they participated with Rich in an enacted prayer for my grandson Robbie (7 months old) It was so powerful. So real. So true.
So far answers to that enacted prayer have been many and varied but here are some highlights:

1. Robbie's asthma is under control. He has cut his first tooth. An additional developmental issue has been diagnosed as Torticollis (wry neck) and exercises to correct this condition have met with remarkable, almost immediate results. His head is moulding properly and he is rolling on his weak side, turning his head properly and creeping!!!
2. I was freed up from over-responsibility for my family to be really present at camp. I was able to speak with confidence into the lives of students and faculty. And I was liberated from the rational handicap of a vast liberal arts and psychological education to talk about God in simple terms and to trust God in a deeper way.
3. My entire family has felt the touch of a powerful prayer of which they were totally unaware. My daughters have come together healthfully to support one another in my absence. I get the message that I do not need to do it all!!!
4. My husband began a new phase of his work in pastoral care and support for ministers this week. He has been released from his burden of responsibility for Robbie and his sister Rachael. They are firmly in the hands of God.
5. Keep praying. We are looking forward to a special (Canadian) Thanksgiving, when we hope Robbie will be given back to God in a service of blessing and dedication.

Rich Swingle said...

I had such a blast working with each of you!