Spilling Over

Here are the marvelous students I was able to work with last week. Please pray for them as they carry the fire back to their communities.

I was so glad I got up early yesterday to share what had happened through the week. Our song leader, Dom Crincoli, ended up adding a couple of songs that weren't in the line up so we could bask in the Spirit a bit more. I recognized it as a direct answer to one of our enacted prayers: I stood in as a father and leader of youth. The girl playing this man's daughter danced before us to explain how the Spirit had moved during the week. I was rigid and unaccepting until God, played by one of my drama students, grabbed my head and looked deep into my eyes. Then I joined in the dance and invited the youth to join us. I told our congregation this prayer was answered through us (at least). I mentioned Graeme Press' analogy. Our church was in the slow dance, gazing into the eyes of our Lover. It was awesome.

The students are (top row, l-r) Les, Mike "Gobo", Andrew, Trudy, Jenna, Jess, Tommy; (middle row) Esther, Jenn, Mike, Matt; (bottom row) Kat, Janelle, Alex.
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