Short night

Last night we had our final program in downtown Toronto.

The Worship Stream (that means worship was their main course of study for the week) closed the night with with a song called, "I Want a Revolution!" The photo hardly captures the moment, but these kids were praising God with all their might.

The body surfing was harkening back to the enacted prayer in which the girl was lifted over head and the young man was lifted up in prayer. It was awesome.

I woke up this morning at a bit past 4am to fly back to New York and carry the Fire to our church.

Next stop ID (

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Constance said...

I missed this. Satan, unable to keep me from this wonderful week, did manage to slide me a severe cold/flu. So, when my main work was done at the camp, I came on home. However, this kind of praise and prayer had been going on all week and I am writing about it in my blog at Come on over and read more.