Company 150, a troupe of young people from around the Territory, just performed a choreodrama (mix of dance, mime, and acting). Wow.

They base their name on Psalm 150 and have been doing drama, worship, and choreodrama, drawing everything that has breath to praise the Lord all summer, culminating here at Territorial.

They led the way into a session on holiness that went over by almost an hour the Spirit was moving so powerfully on us. It wasn't in an ecstatic way like on Monday after The Revelation. Graeme Press, who flew over from from Sydney, Australia, gave us an image: Monday night was the fast dance; this morning was the moment when you look into your partner's eyes and realize who it is you're with.

Tonight is known as Cry Night. Jesus, meet us on the dance floor.


Constance said...

I had seen a video version of this powerful choreodrama by Company 150. Nothing could have prepared me for the impact of the REAL THING. The force of evil, portayed by Jessica Willis, was hair-raising. Everytime she took the stage I braced myself, held my breath, shuddered. You know, sometimes we get cavalier about evil, almost cozy with it, unable to fully recognize it when it is about. Praise God, evil is not triumphant.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I could get a video? I would love to see them.