90th Monthaversary

Not sure why this picture didn't come through at the beginning of our honeymoon...

Our 90th monthaversary begins our 9th honeymoon...in Nice...nice.

My bag was crushed, the zipper broken, and all my stuff was strewn on the conveyor. We were estimating how much we'd lose in time and money (the dollar's pretty whimpy here) searching for a new suitcase, when the woman from British Airways came out with a brand new one! I did a happy dance right then and there! She said, "You were delayed three hours at Heathrow, your luggage was destroyed, and you are happy?"

Everything that at first looked like a curse has been turned into a blessing. We asked for a window/aisle combo, but after forgiving the fellow for misunderstanding we praised God for five middle seats all to our horizontal selves.

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Irene said...

Wow, a bit of drama on the 90th Monthaversary. Pray that you've been soaking in His blessings!

You give & take away, You give & take away, my heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be Your name.

Glad you got to go horizontal on the flight!

p.s. The photo isn't not showing up yet. Would love to see it!