This is God...

[This post was published in Christianity and Theatre, Fall/Winter 2005.] least she played the role of God in enacted prayer.

I've been teaching enacted prayer to different electives all week. It's a prayer form in which a real prayer request is prayed for through a form of mime. Different actors take on the roles of those being prayed for.

On the first day I taught it to the kids of faculty. Kylie Way, in the picture, lept up to play God in a number of prayers. That night we did an enacted prayer for a family, so the kids actually came up and played kids. It was awesome!

This morning we did an enacted prayer for New Orleans. Everyone who was in one of the classes came up to either play someone who died, someone who was grieving, or a servant of God bringing comfort. The gal playing God actually started raising people from the dead! Then our chaplain, Danielle Strickland, led everyone to either be someone from New Orleans or someone comforting them.

Lord, hear our prayer! Raise New Orleans up from this death as a city known not for its sin but for its love for the Lord! Amen.

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