Revival revives

Most mornings I've been dragging myself out of bed, since our schedule for TAM is jam packed, but this morning I all but sprang from the springs after what happened last night.

Carol Jaudes (CATS) performed with her troupe: Ian Evans, Chris Stoker, and Amber Peacock (my assistant here), with Karen Krinjak at piano. The play was Treasures of Eternity, written by a former TAM instructor, Becki Philips, and directed by my agent, Dale Savidge. The play was about heroes of the Salvation Army: people who made a significant difference in the lives of those around them. After the play, our chaplain, Janet Munn, leapt to the stage to challenge our students to become the heroes of the next generation. She invited them to pray toward that end, and one of the faculty members acknowledged that repentance was a part of preparing to be heroes. One of the students in my small group made an actual confession of a specific sin, and we covered him with prayer. Then others all around the room began confessing and praying for forgiveness and for other specific requests. We were sobbing.

It was awesome!

Pray that in the remaining three days the Holy Spirit will visit us again. For any online this morning we'd appreciate specific prayer over this morning's group devotion. Pray that our worship and prayer would be impacted in a deep way by what happened last night.

Like Janet said last night, "Fill us again, Lord. We leak!"

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