Off the collar

Christine MacMillan, the Commissioner of this Territory (all of Canada and Bermuda) for the Salvation Army, greeted the Territorial School of Music and Gospel Arts during our midweek festival. She brought Kirk Guthrie up to illustrate how it's not about the externals but about the heart. She said the Salvation Army regulations require women to keep their hair off their collars. She asked Kirk for his hair dresser's number since his do fits the bill.

Tonight an online magazine and blog for Salvo youth is being launched: The first 50 to contribute short articles are in the running for a free iPod Shuffle.


Constance said...

This was an amazing cross generational exchange. The line which sticks in my mind from my beloved friend, Commissioner Christine was, "Jesus didn't die on the cross to save us from hair-dos." Bless you Christine. Bless you Kurt for bringing us much joy and laughter with your creative locks.

Rich Swingle said...

The following is Commissioner MacMillan's follow-up letter to the students;

September 20, 2005

Territorial School of Music and Gospel Arts

Dear Delegate:

Your courage in walking the pathways of mission has deeply touched my own spirit. I am still the brown haired spikeless hair style, but within I want to dare with you in discovering creative Christ expressions.

Discouragement can often set in following up beat and motivational teaching. Therefore, my prayer is for God's spirit to saturate your lives as you clearly seek out spiritual relevance in your home settings. His communication intentions are best achieved through hearts of boundless capacity - Christ in you can push the boundaries with new hope.

Inhale the Spirit of God, and watch for inner expression of holy thought and purity of purpose.

God is with you.


Christine MacMillan

M. Christine MacMillan
Territorial Commander