The Lord is sweeter than chocolate

Our final service culminated in multisensory worship, complete with a chocolate fountain. It looks solid even from a foot away, but the chocolate is flowing. Our chaplain, Janet Munn, said that honey was the sweetest substance when the Psalms were being written, but today, chocolate is at the top of our list. So as we nibbled fruit drenched from the flow of confection we made our confession of God's sweetness in our lives.

We also had the opportunity to wash each other's hands, heads, and/or feet. We could gaze into mirrors and contemplate what it means to be made in the image of God. And, we savor the aroma of scented candles as we thought about how our prayers are a sweet aroma to God.

The revival of Thursday night has translated into action. The next morning we pledged to raise $10,000 by December 1, and $50,000 by TAM next year to build up an orphanage in Africa. The performance last night, which went very well, brought in $1,864 bringing our total to $2,659.

We're well on our way. If you would like to pledge to support these heroes for the poor, send an email to Ian Evans. He'll send you information on how to give.

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