Grammy Award-winning cousin

My brother, Bob (left), was in town for the Book Expo held at the Javitts center. He and his wife, Shannon, run Lightbourne, a small company that creates book and CD covers. Bob won a pretty major award for his cover of Reflections in the Ice.

Between Bob and I is our cousin, Nick Brophy. He was in town to engineer an album for the band, Radio Mundial. He won the Grammy for his work on the album, Tribute to Tradition.

Here we are with Bob's wife, Shannon, at LaGuardia Airport:

Nick's brother John was also in town, but it never worked for all of us to be in one place at one time. John designs backgrounds for video games.

Though the Brophy family never lived near us when we were growing up I think it's cool that we all turned out to be full time artists.

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Irene said...

You have a lot of talent in your family, uncle Rich! ^_^ Praise the Lord!