Compassion Concert

Tonight the Honduran Compassion staff asked for a concert! It was quite awesome to have all these talented musicians get up and bless us all. Most of the songs were either written to help them talk about Compassion or could have been. I put together an iMixicon of all the songs that are on iTunes, so you can press your own CD of almost half of the songs. The rest can be purchased on the album listed here:


Phil Keaggy

"Who Will Save the Children" from ReCollections. Randy Stonehill sings the duet with Phil Keaggy. (iTunesicon)

Bruce Carroll

"While I Have this Chance" on the Compassion Sunday DVD.

"Shelter Me" from The Psalm Project.

Geoff Moore

"Every Single One" from Every Single One

Rich Swingle

"La Gente que Jesús Conocia" (

Jeremy Camp

"This Man" from Restored. (iTunesicon)

Andrew Peterson

"The Land of the Free" from Clear to Venus. (iTunesicon)

Randal Goodgame

"I Did not Catch Her Name" on War & Peace. (iTunes: Randall's song as performed by Caedmon's Callicon)

Jeremy Casella

"Love That Will Not Let Me Go" from 10,000 Angels.

Danny Oertli

"God Wrote a Song" from Nothing Left to Prove. (iTunesicon)

Shane from Siler's Bald

"Real Life" from Real Life. (iTunesicon)

Peder Eide

"What a Ride" from What a Ride.

Mark Smeby

"All I Want Is You" from Smile for Jesus.


"Stand" from Second Hand Clothing. (iTunesicon)

Richard Allen Farmer

"I will Make the Darkness Light" on Leadfoot.


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Anonymous said...

I love Randy Stonehill! I also love Keith Green, I know they were friends too. What passion for God, and what honest lyrics.

I am a musician and I would be honored if you would check out my music on my site. All my music is free for download. Anyway, I just thought I'd share.

"All my music is free for download."