I had the privilege of initiating the first acting track at the Territorial School of Music and Gospel Arts for the Salvation Army. The chaplains for the week, Danielle Strickland and Stephen Court, led us step by step into an all out revival! I've been studying and praying for revival since college and this was the real deal! They taught us to worship with complete abandon. Danielle had us throw the chairs to the side so that they wouldn't hinder us from connecting with the Lover of our souls. I told Joyce after worship on the second night of the week that I had experienced the highlight of my year, but it kept building. Thursday night was opened to praise and testimonies. The first student shared that he had a sexual addiction. When he put the microphone down he was smothered with students and faculty lifting him up in prayer. We were praising and confessing all night. Many deep hurts, addictions, and sins were shared from the stage, but many went to the only chairs in the auditorium, which were set up in the shape of a cross.

This kind of radical connection to God has had lasting impact. A couple of students allowed me to share their testimonies:

Well, I came to Territorial a bit unsure as to what it would be like. I'd always been interested in dramatic arts, but high school drama classes had turned me off it (too much theory and history!). The idea of using drama as a form of ministry really intrigued me, tho, so I chose that as my main stream. And I'm glad I did, because it was an unforgettable week for everyone. We met Rich, the Drama instructor, and went through introductions and auditions. He was the funniest guy I've ever met, and as I got to know him and what he brought with him, it was so cool because he showed us all that a bunch of strangers can come together as a group and create some powerful works for God and His glory. We all had a blast and it was a really fun time.

After leaving Territorial, I really felt that God had brought me there for a reason, and I'm looking at ways to bring some of what I've learned into our Sunday morning services. I'm also signing up for drama lessons at the conservatory here. It was really hard the first few days back from Territorial... I had gone from eight days of the most God-loving environment I'd ever been in, to a world that just didn't care. On the way home from the bus station alone, I saw people stumbling around drunk, police breaking up domestic disputes, and filthy language that I hadn't heard all week. Quite a shock... but these are God's children too, and with everything I've got from the past week, I need to help try and bring the gospel to them too...


I've allowed myself to praise and worship what ever way I want to, and it's allowed the youth of the corps I attend to feel like participating more as well.. I flick on my worship music, and just sing along- I burst out with prayer out LOUD at odd times, it's INCREDIBLE...


Barcelona to San Tropez

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After performing Big Fish Little Worm and The Revelation on the Costa Brava for a Church of the Brethren missionaries' retreat we spent a day in Barcelona, where we spent most of our time at La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's Cathedral, which is still in the midst of a 150 year construction. Then we drove up the coast, into France as far as San Tropez.

We celebrated the New Year in Cassis, a quaint fishing village not far from where we stayed in Marseille.